Born in Barcelona, Gemma began working as an Interior Designer; first in her hometown and later in Milan, where she participated in multiple exhibitions around the city. Her love for cinema relocated her to Los Angeles, where she completed a Masters in Set Design and has been working as a Production Designer ever since. Gemma has collaborated with accomplished professionals; Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe awarded directors and actors, as well as Grammy awarded singers. The projects she’s worked on have won several awards, including honors at Tribeca and the Spanish Academy’s Goya.

Besides her 100+ credits as a Production Designer in cinema, advertising and music videos, she has also worked as an Interior Designer for a boutique in SoHo, NY; and has created dozens of personal and experimental projects. Her personal work has been featured in Vogue and other US magazines; and used as brand identity image for UCLA in magazines, newspapers and online publications.


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