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BURNINGMAN 2018 – Metamorphosis.

Burningman installation about the process of change in within ourselves, the connection with others and the enviornment around us.

This piece uses architectural strategies and tools to create visual effects that will allow our mind to open and expand to see beyond the limitations of the expected, it focuses not only on what exists, but also on the absence of it.

Inspired by a tunnel shaped into a spiral shape, a metaphor for the journey. its elements empathize in different aspects this awakening process. This light changing film will evolve during the day from a solid mirror to glass as the day passes by, opening up.

The forced perspective of the walls creates a path that drags the viewer inside, where the sky is cropped, framing something as vast as the sky on a confine and narrow space. It is a space for self discovery, and interacting with what we assume for real as well as the environment and the people we will cross paths during the experience.

Designer: Gemma Fenol

Render Artist: Labtop Studio